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or the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Incorporated, is a group of bloggers in Cagayan de Oro City and Northern Mindanao that enjoys the camaraderie offline among mostly online people in their daily life and organize to create positive change for Cagayan de Oro and the Island of Mindanao. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-profit organization.

CDOBloggers, Inc. The composition of the members are mostly Bloggers and Social Media Practitioners in CDO and Northern Mindanao.

One of our mission is to create positive change by promoting the city of Cagayan de Oro and the entire island of Mindanao as a peaceful and thriving place in this part of the world through social media to share the positive experience we enjoy as people who is living and having a great life in this part of the world in contrast to the mostly negative perception that people only heard or read and have not yet visited the place.

Deep Questions to Ponder

A few examples of these funny questions are put together here.

Whose idea was it to put an ‘S’ in the word ‘lisp’?

What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?

How do you want to be remembered? What efforts you are taking for it?

Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

Why does ‘slow down’ and ‘slow up’ mean the same thing?

What is more difficult for you, looking into someone’s eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someone’s eyes when they are telling you how they feel?

If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?

Why does flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?

Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a gun at him?

Do one-legged ducks swim in circles?

Isn’t it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do ‘practice’?

If people evolved from apes, why are apes still there?

When you want something to ponder about, you will find millions of things in this life and world which need to be thought and understood. Coincidence?

Why do they call them ‘apartments’ when they are all stuck together?

When you are sitting idle and have nothing to think about, have you ever experienced random questions running in your head? Most of these questions are left unanswered, as you can never find their answers. Which do you choose? Why? Love and Trust

Questions About Life

What level of importance must a person have, before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

What is commitment?

What is the definition of ignorance? Is it defined as a lack of education? Is it defined as a lack of moral or ethical boundaries?

Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying? Why or Why not?

Why don’t fundamentalist Christians have a sense of humor?

Why don’t fortune tellers win the lottery?

Which would you choose, true love with a guarantee of a broken heart, or never loved at all? Why?

There are 24 hours in a day, and 24 beers in a case. Some of these are funny as well as serious, which actually make you think about their answers.

Such questions can be just about anything. But while thinking about them, we learn many lessons which teach us things about the world and ourselves. For some you may pursue getting an answer, while for others, they just leave a smile on your face. Let’s check out some which will get you thinking and smiling too!

Sometimes, when you are low and having one of those days, where you just don’t feel happy, you can ponder on some illogical and fun questions in life. And by thinking about them and using our power, time, and opportunity to make changes, we can surely make this world a better place.

Why do ethical vegetarians wear leather shoes and jackets?

Funny Questions

If the ‘black box’ survives every plane crash, why not make the entire plane out of that stuff?

What is the meaning of life?

Why are builders afraid to have a 13th floor but book publishers aren’t afraid to have a Chapter 11?. Is there another word for synonym?

Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?

You can have one of the following two things

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5@5 – Quickfire desserts from Top Chef’s Gail Simmons – Eatocracy

Just like real pizza, it’s even better cold for breakfast the next day.

Is there someone you’d like to see in the hot seat? Let us know in the comments below and if we agree, we’ll do our best to chase ‘em down.

Your time starts…NOW!

Five Quickfire Dessert Ideas: Gail Simmons

4. Double-Dipping Is Encouraged

Store-bought graham crackers are a perfect base for this simple dessert.

For added texture, roll the edges of the sandwich with the exposed ice cream in ground nuts. Ice Cream Pie Is Better Than a Sundae

In a food processor, grind 8 ounces of chocolate wafer cookies with 1 tablespoon sugar; transfer to a mixing bowl and stir in one stick of melted, unsalted butter. Slice and serve. Serve warm or at room temperature with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

. Place thin slices of seasonal fruit close together, evenly over the pastry, leaving a 1-inch border. Place 1 cup water and 1/4 cup sugar in a saucepan over medium-high heat and cook to a medium amber color. Bake until the crust is golden brown, 22 to 25 minutes. Here are five quick, simple, crowd-pleasing solutions for a tasty end to any celebration.

Brush edges of pastry with a lightly beaten egg, then sprinkle the fruit with cinnamon and sugar.

Choose a complementary ice cream flavor – vanilla chocolate, coffee, or mint chocolate chip come to mind. Use your favorite flavor such as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or classic peanut butter. Pizza for Dessert

Store-bought frozen puff pastry is a staple in my house, as it allows for dozens of quick dessert options. Drizzle with any topping you might have on hand; chocolate sauce or shavings, butterscotch, berries or chopped, roasted nuts are all great options. Using a small ice cream scoop, scoop it into the crust in concentric circles until covered. Food Wine Magazine’s Gail Simmons been one of the breakout stars of the Top Chef judging panel since the very first season back in 2006, and she’s earned her just desserts with a hosting gig on a sweets-centric spin-off of the show, now entering its second season on Bravo.

5. Melt chocolate chips in a double boiler, and then dip half of each graham cracker into the melted chocolate.

5@5 is a daily, food-related list from chefs, writers, political pundits, musicians, actors, and all manner of opinionated people from around the globe.

1. Sandwiches Are Not Just for Lunch

Turn chewy cookies into ice cream sandwiches.

3. I love using hazelnuts, roasted peanuts, or pistachios here but colored sprinkles work well too. Place a heaping scoop of softened vanilla ice cream on the bottom of one cookie, then gently sandwich the ice cream with a second cookie to evenly move the ice cream towards the sides. Pile a few extra scoops in the center. Freeze sandwiches until the ice cream is firm, about 20 minutes.

Cut thick slices of brioche, toast lightly if desired, cover each slice with roasted fruit, and drizzle with caramel (if you cannot find fresh brioche, pound cake is a good substitute). Dollop with a little whipped cream, Greek-style yogurt or crème fraiche if desired.

Sweet things come to those who wait. Press the crumbs over the bottom of a springform pan and refrigerate until firm, about 30 minutes. Peaches, apples, pears, or fresh figs are all perfect for this. This all adds up to pretty high expectations from her dinner guests, but Simmons doesn’t break a sweat. Preheat oven to 375°F and unfold a thawed puff pastry sheet onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

2. Remove from heat and add 1/2 cup warm cream and pinch of salt and whisk until smooth. Place graham crackers on wax or parchment paper to harden. Serve with whipped cream, lemon curd, caramel sauce, or your favorite fruit compote for a delicious double dip.

_Palaui_Island_Cagayan_Philippines.jpg” width=”336″ />

The Canadian-born host doesn’t just mug and “mmmmmmm!” for the camera; she’s a bona-fide kitchen star with a culinary degree, plenty of restaurant and recipe development cred and a food memoir on the way in early 2012. Sweet Bruschetta – More Than Just an Overplayed Appetizer

Roast or grill thick slices of fruit – bananas, peaches, pineapples, pears or apples – until soft and caramelized

Batman: Arkham Knight PC fix still months away

Perhaps it also explains why Warner Bros knowingly, according to leaks, released a broken PC version. Springtime in the US starts in sometime in March. They are sending all their stocks of the game back to WB. In the land down under, that begins in September, which is but two months away. The entire fiasco has probably reignited some of the old PC vs console wars, with PC gamers feeling a bit left out, if not disenfranchised, because of how consoles have become top priority for many developers and studios and how PC ports like Batman: Arkham Knight end up not worth the money or the time at all. But alas, that seems to exactly be the case with Warner Bros. Next year, that is.. A leaked internal email sent to the staff of EB Games in Australia revealed just how long that would take. Even more, it hints at the severity of problems that the initial release had in the first place. To be fair, Warner Bros immediately pulled out sales of the PC version to prevent further spreading the damage and has assured likely irate PC gamers that they, together with game developers Rocksteady, are working on a fix.

That, however, might still be a long time away. Fixing it would have taken months, and they would have missed a window of opportunity for the console versions, which are working just swell.

Story TimelineBatman: Arkham Night for PC pulled, critical issues citedSources say WB knew Arkham Knight PC was horribly broken

Those are the words that no gamer wants to hear, especially after having invested, both financially and emotionally, on what should have been a blockbuster title. That might feel too long until you examine the alternative. Why? Because according to them the “latest information from Warner is that the updates won’t be available until Spring.”

VIA: Kotaku

Batman: Arkham Knight PC fix still months away – SlashGear

Presuming Rocksteady and friends are frantically trying to fix the mess, as we imagine or hope them to be, two months represents an inordinate amount of work. and Rocksteady’s failed attempt to bring Batman to the PC. According to a leaked email from a retailer, a fix for the almost atrocious PC port is still a few months coming, which, for the sake of sanity and world peace, we’ll presume to be September this year.

Now, “spring” is a very relative term

12BET Casino Levels Up with Innovations from Opus Gaming

There is no need to enlarge the card through computer-simulated graphics just like the cards themselves can actually be visible clearly. Because the video gives a bigger screen display, players take the pleasure in this game a far more attentively. This can be pure advanced innovation at its very best, informing customer’s casino story within a high-quality video channel.

About the 2D option 12bet’s way to let the clients play their sitting in a similar way they join the original live club. You cannot find another casino supplier out there that might parallel soft gradations that 12BET requires to its gaming programs, no matter if it is poker, baccarat, roulette or another game, which will be played best when if it is “live.” Almost like the enjoyment and pay out from these units weren’t yes numerous, 12Bet is currently having new goals to innovate its amazing deals.

Here at 12bet’s Diamond Club, players include choices to watch their video-based gaming platform within a number of means: multi-table, 2D, 3D, and seven-seat 3D. Which will be, they look all over their game by using a live dealer (ladies who are presentably dressed up) flashed going on a small video display in the gaming window. With regards to players who are fantastic at multi-tasking and revel in playing numerous games all at once, the Diamond Club Multi-Table activity would help their purpose best. Considering the introduction of the Diamond Club, excellent quality gaming experience can now be obtained single-handedly. Interesting perks never fade here, plus the multi-gaming environment assures that players won’t ever be emptied of selections.

When it comes to 3D feature, players can have the benefit to be having their live activity by using a bigger, better video that places them “closer to real life.” Not like within the classic video setup, the Diamond Club 3D video lets players to view their table within its entirety. Together with industry-leading game maker Opus Gaming, the internet casino is honored to provide its latest creation Diamond Club – an online station for your most admired gamers who wish to accept a ride on any sequence of games embellished with advanced technological improvements.

The players who wish to achieve a mixture of 3D qualities along with other casino options may select to put their game within the Seven-Seat 3D video. The cards that are handled by the ladies are shown an enlarged through computer-generated graphics for clarity uses. Sign-up with 12BET and discover more information on the latest club.

Asia’s leading online casino center, 12Bet has provided its players the foremost interesting encounter for live games. High-quality graphics hide this game activity, furthermore, a dynamic communication with croupiers, cooperation with other online live players, as well as a sizable string of choices for players’ gaming preferences.. With this, players are permitted to use and “watch” a variety of games reside in one game window. This best serve the players who are not prepared to encounter new introductions, and whom casino wants remains fulfilled by this classic model.

12BET tends to make it, to some extent, to set customer ease first mostly important

pantech matrix or att quickfire?

i am getting a new phone soon. . i just need a simple phone that is good for texting. I want a phone that will fit comfortably in my pocket and that i can text on good.

I have looked into the pantech matrix ALOT and really like it ALOT. but i come across the att quickfire? what should i get?

what do you think?

the att quickfire may be too much

Sy Fy Debunks Texas Chupacabra on “Fact or Faked Paranormal Files”

Then they set up their equipment to try and recreate the film. This time the replicated video showed progress. She took them to the exact location where the video was shot. It may be an odd addition to the decor, but to her it’s worth its weight in gold.

Fear that the legendary Chupacabra has migrated from Mexico into Texas sent Sy Fy’s “Fact or Faked Paranormal Files” in search of viable answers. However, the long snout of the original animal was not present with the canine, leaving the crew still wondering if the Chupacabra might be real. While they found some strange looking blips on their thermal cameras, investigation proved those to be cows. It is believed to allow the beast to suck out the blood of its prey. Armed with video from the local police and a rancher’s promise of proof, three of the show’s researchers set out to uncover the mythical beast.

Still, Canion’s version had the vivid blue eyes and seriously sharp teeth sometimes associated with the mythical creature. We’ll just have to wait and see.

First, they brought in one of the miniature horses that are routinely bred in the surrounding area. No mane was visible in the original video.

. It was clearly unlike anything the Sy Fy team members Ben Hansen, Chi-Lan Lieu or Devin Marble had seen before. The stuffed animal didn’t display the long snout so prominently visible in the video. That snout is a key part of the myth. The Chupacabra continued to elude them.

Next, the team met with the police officer that caught the creature on her car dash cam. The literal translation of Chupacabra is “goat sucker.”

Sadly, DNA test results of the tissue from Canion’s beast proved it to be a hybrid, part coyote and part gray wolf from Mexico. They decided it was worth an overnight watch on Canion’s ranch to find out. That proved a failure since the gate of the two animals was different and the horse’s mane could be clearly seen in the recreated film. It would appear this hybrid might be the answer to many of the Texas sightings over the last couple of years. She also has the creature’s hide stuffed and mounted in her home. There, they set out to try and prove the whole thing might be a case of mistaken identity.

Their first stop was to speak with Phylis Canion, the Texas ranch owner who keeps what she believes to be a Chupacabra carcass in her freezer. The gate of the two animals matched.

For a second try, the team brought in a Peruvian hairless dog that bore a striking resemblance to Canion’s creature. They were equally impressed with the frozen carcass, especially when Canion agreed to let them take tissue samples for testing.

After watching the police dash cam video, the members of “Fact or Faked Paranormal Files” were expecting something different from what they saw

What Would You Do if You Won the Lottery?

This whole exercise is designed to zero in on your personal definition of prosperity.)

What are you thinking about? Write down everything you can think of in your life that makes you smile. Write down whatever you discover.

Step 1: What would you do if you won the lottery?

Do you need a million dollars to take each step? Or, are most of the individual steps well within your current means? You don’t need to go into massive debt to make a new friend – or to do the research necessary to choose a location for your new home in the tropics.

Start writing things down, being as specific as possible. What would you do?

Recommended Reading

Do you want to have the life of your dreams, or live the life of your dreams? Start taking the steps articulated on your list now, one at a time. I did this myself, as part of my journaling practice this week. If you prefer piles of money, skip this step.)

A gratitude journal is a great way to stay focused on what brings joy to your life. If you don’t have one already, pick one up and get started!

Forget the lottery for a while. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things.” – Eric Butterworth

Author’s Bio: 

I must confess, I have been known to buy the occasional lottery ticket. Maybe it’s because we were all taught to think of such activities as selfish, or childish.

But all was not lost. Either way, make sure it is focused on the things that truly make you happy.

What insights did you gain by comparing your lists?

Or maybe it’s because we were taught to believe that a big house, expensive car and perpetually growing bank balance equal happiness.

What I found, upon reflection, was that my “Won the Lottery” list included doing everything that I truly love to do, and hiring someone to do all the things I don’t love to do. Do you already know where you would buy this house, or would you need to do some exploration first? Have you already researched tax laws and immigration requirements? What are your plans for the hurricane season?

Take a look at your new, detailed plan for happiness. Test yourself. This coincided nicely with some things that “Make Me Happy”, such as white sand, turquoise water, snorkeling with my children and dolphins.

Would you like to lose yourself in a fictional account of someone who wins a lottery jackpot? Try Lottery by Patricia Wood. Hmm.

For example, if you said, “buy a house in the Caribbean,” add in some details.

Ask someone who was recently laid off, whether a “life of leisure” is particularly satisfying. If you are not enjoying these steps, maybe you need to revisit your list.

Remember, you are already a winner! As the Law of Attraction crowd will tell you, Live as if.

If you wrote, “quit my job,” I hear you.

Step 3: Compare and Contrast

I invite you to sit with this list for awhile. Give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with that joyful spirit inside of you. And yet, there are plenty of case studies where people who win a lottery end up in worse shape than where they started. What specific steps would you take to pursue these dreams?. The rest of my list included things like: 4) Find a warmer place to spend the winter; with six different areas listed that I want to explore. Feel good.

Take your two lists and make one new one. Would you really, really, really be happy if you had everything on your new list?

Think of specific moments and experiences that stand out in your memory. How (or where) would you find meaning in your life?

The first three items on my “Won the Lottery” list were: 1) Hire an attorney; 2) Hire an accountant and 3) Hire a personal assistant. Make sure you are seeing and feeling the process of living your perfect life. In fact, visualizing what I would do if I won just might be a better payoff than actually winning.

Does that sound a little bit crazy? I think we all need to sit down periodically and think through our definition of prosperity. (In case you didn’t notice, that’s what you just created. Why were they so good? Was it the location, the activity, the company? All of the above?

Okay, now put the two lists side by side. Anal retentive, much? Not surprisingly, none of these items were on my “Make Me Happy” list.

(I am going out on a limb here, and assuming your real goal in life is happiness. Our local library’s book club just discussed this novel and it got rave reviews. Try it, it’s fun!

Okay, here is the fun part. Okay, here is your chance to do a little self-discovery in 5 easy steps. What makes you feel all squishy inside? What makes you laugh out loud?

Where has your journey of self-discovery taken you today? What will you do differently in your life, starting now?

I should also mention that there were some things on the “Makes Me Happy” list that I couldn’t figure out how to accomplish faster or more easily with money. After awhile, we may not even know what delights us. You can still call it “What I Would Do if I Won the Lottery,” or change it to “My Vision for a Happy Life,” if that feels right to you. is a premier wellness site and supportive social network where like-minded individuals can connect and support each others’ intentions. I’ve never won more than a couple dollars, but I find that just having one in my pocket inspires some good, clear thinking about my hopes and dreams. Really, just start smiling. Woohoo.

Step 5: Start Living Like You Just Won the Lottery. What was that – happiness, or safety? Did you get the same feeling when you made your second list?

Step 4: Make a New List

“Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just money or things. Is there a lot of overlap? Is there any overlap??

You know where this is going.

Knowing what makes you happy is a gift. I know, for you it would be different, right?

Revisit the feeling you got when you imagined winning the lottery. What would make you truly happy right now? Go to a new page in your journal and start smiling. (Surprise?) Such as, friendship, community and love.

Do you need to add back that house in the Caribbean, or substitute a new friend for that new car?

Don’t forget the details. You can skip the “jump up and down screaming” phase, but then it’s time to get serious.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean money can’t help deliver the things that make you happy.

Find a quiet place and a scrap of paper (or your gratitude journal.) Take some time to feel your way into this.

Step 2: What would make you truly happy, right now?

Imagine you won the lottery, for real. It’s okay to do the smallest and easiest ones first. Still, after sleeping in for six months in a row, what would you do next? What would get you out of bed in the morning?

Somewhere in the process of “growing up,” many of us lose the ability to make ourselves happy. Part inspiration, part cautionary tale, it will make you rethink — again — your own definition of prosperity.

Spend a little time during meditation each day to recapture that feeling of “having it all.” Visualize your happiness in detail. Founded by Deepak Chopra’s daughter Mallika Chopra, aims to be the most trusted and comprehensive wellness destination featuring a supportive community of members, blogs from top wellness experts and curated online content relating to Personal, Social, Global and Spiritual wellness.

Many of us struggle through life with this belief that a huge influx of cash would make everything better