Macau busts $645 million World Cup betting ring

The club said illicit sports betting in Hong Kong generated an estimated HK$500 billion (US$64.5 billion) last year — almost four times the amount the Jockey Club turned over in the same period.

In Singapore, 15 people have been arrested for allegedly receiving illegal football bets equivalent to US$640,000 in the past two weeks, police said Monday.

Police in Malaysia have also arrested dozens of suspected illegal bookmakers since the World Cup began.

WATCH: Interpol investigates World Cup betting

. One gambler placed a bet valued at around US$5 million, initial investigations found.

Police arrested some 22 people from mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia in the raid on Thursday.

Police have not released the name of the hotel.

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The arrests are part of a cross-border campaign to crack down on illegal betting in Macau, Hong Kong and China’s southern Guangdong province around the World Cup. Story highlightsPolice bust international betting rings operating from Macau hotelMore than US$600 million in illegal bets placed on World Cup gamesArrests are part of campaign to crack down on illicit bookmakers in Asia during World CupPolice have smashed an illegal betting syndicate in Macau for allegedly taking the equivalent of US$645 million in bets on World Cup matches. Authorities from the Pearl River Delta region are also cooperating with Interpol and seven other Asian nations to tackle illicit gambling.

More than half of the world’s illegal sports bets are placed in Asia, according to a recent study by the International Center for Sport Security and Paris Sorbonne University.

Since the tournament began, Hong Kong police have arrested a total of 39 suspects over illegal gambling and seized betting slips worth around US$10 million, according to the South China Morning Post.

The city’s legal gambling authority, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, is the second biggest betting operator worldwide. Two of the suspects, from China and Malaysia, were believed to be the ringleaders of the syndicate.

Officers seized cash worth around US$248,000, along with 17 computers, at least 10 cell phones, and betting slips.

A second gambling syndicate was busted in the same hotel hours later, with police arresting four Chinese men early Friday morning.

It’s believed to be the biggest ever raid on an illicit football bookmaking racket in the Asian casino capital, according to police.

The gambling ring used three hotel rooms to take internet and phone bets from around the world, a first coordinator for the Macau Judiciary Police told CNN. According to police, the second betting ring took around US$645,000 in illegal bets on World Cup matches in a single day

Horse racing was once the sport of kings – National Sports

Gurvey is the daughter of Jule Fink. the terms are simple. “Exacta”…selecting the winners of two consecutive races in order. Under this system, somewhere between 14-25 percent of the total amount wagered goes to the track off the top for a variety of expenses.

The British are credited for starting Professional Horse Racing during the reign of Queen Anne (1702-14). States got on the bandwagon welcoming the return of racing by legalizing this form of betting. If the “odds” are 4-1 that means if you wager one dollar and your horse wins, your return is four dollars. By 1908, the number of tracks had dwindled to 25. Racing was almost wiped out. Match Races gave away to races with several horses and spectators placed bets. Let’s talk about the sport.

Horseracing competition first started in Central Asia! Tribesmen domesticated the horse around 4500 B.C. These men included not only Runyon, but also Presidential Advisors and Wall Street giants.

As I learned about the Jule and betting, I became more determined to learn about how the Pari-mutual betting system works. Celebrities and world leaders flocked to be with him. Mrs. Spectator Sport, after Baseball. He explained that in betting, first you look at the bloodlines… Damon Runyon would only go to the track if he went with Jule. In order of first, second and third, they are called ” win, place and show”. , Around the turn of the 20th Century, elite owners met in New York and following the English model formed the American Jockey Club.

I’ve often thought with our current financial crisis how a man with Jules’ mathematical and financial wizardry might help our economy. They would run as fast as they could to collect each debt… In short, the characters involved with the SPORT OF KINGS.

With the current economy, Attendance at racetracks is down.. Throughout the United Kingdom, Racetracks sprung up.

He was a genius at handicapping and developed a system for winning that has never been equaled. However, I am getting off track (no pun intended). (who was the sire and who was the mare). selecting the winners of two consecutive races. I received countless comments. You can only imagine my euphoria when years later I worked with the great man himself. His talent caught everyone’s eye. You know! He was right! As a result, I went back into my memory bank, did a little extra research and here’s what I learned.

He started in the racing industry before World War II. Before each race “odds” are placed on a visible board. I know it sounds ludicrous, but in these dire times, we should explore every avenue. and who the competition is in the current race. Then you place your bet.

“Daily double”… Today, it is the sole reason horse racing survives. Wagering on the outcome of horse races has been an integral part of the appeal of the sport since B.C. One day at Monmouth Race Track, I met a lady betting her Social Security Check. The main protagonists were bookmakers, jockeys, bettors, touts and breeders. This meant the states would have a share of the money bet.

By the end of World War I, prosperity and great horses like Man o’ War and Seabiscuit saw fans filling the tracks. I asked my friend Jerry Berger, a follower of breeding who also has been a horse owner. An immigrant boy, he was an honest bettor.


I admired him so much that while in college, I created “Shelly’s Spectacle” which raised countless dollars for the “Damon Runyon Cancer Fund”. and Mrs. In 1750,Racing’s Elite formed the Jockey Club, which to this day still exercises complete control over English racing.

The balance is divided among those who bet. However, in that same year, pari-mutuel betting was introduced at the Kentucky Derby.

Earlier, I talked about Damon Runyon. Where we live in Thousand Oaks, among our friends are Dr. selecting the first and second horses in either order.

Antigambling sentiment saw most states ban bookmaking. “Quinella”… Today, modern racing exists primarily due to the fact it is a major arena for legalized gambling. There are many different ways to bet… Those were the years, which I talked about in my All-Star article.

I remembered that when I was a student at the University of Massachusetts, I voraciously read everything written by Damon Runyon. Based on greed, an unscrupulous element was born making it neccesary to have a national governing body. He became known as one of the “Speed Boys.”

British settlers brought horses and horseracing to the New World. Then you look at the track record and who the competition was and at what track… After taking the bets, he would read the ticker tape results from all over the country. One comment from John Moore of Ventura caught my eye. It is the second most widely attended U.S.

Pari-mutual betting offers many ways that you can lose your money. Jule was a pioneer who revolutionized how one wagered and beat the odds. At 15, he worked for his father, a barber who took bets. The first racetrack was out on Long Island as early as 1665 only 45 years after the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.

In order to attract the best horses, the tracks offered large inducements. it is when the winners of six consecutive races are picked.

My last column was about this year’s Baseball All-Star game. I had pointed out those sports that were popular in my youth. Gurvey. “The pick six” is the real moneymaker… John suggested I should have included Horse Racing. As a result, breeding and owning horses became profitable. You probably know most of them,” Sorrowful Jones, The Lemon Drop Kid, Salty O’Rourke” and of course, “Guys and Dolls”. Annually, on the average, there are more than 8000 days of racing attended by almost 60 million people betting over 9 billion dollars.

The rapid growth of the sport without any central governing body led to criminal elements dominating the tracks. Once the results were in, he and other boys were sent to collect the money. All became either Movies, or Broadway Plays. The sport prospered until World War II

101 Reasons To Take A Cruise.

Australia / New Zealand.

81. Send your teeager to a “rock the boat” party.

35. Indonesia / Southeast Asia.

92. Relishing The Best Of Thane And Its Beautiful Surroundings By: sandeep M | Jun 9th 2015 – Thane is one is a suburb of Mumbai. Hold a family reunion.

13. Swing to the beat of a big band.

50. Scandinavia.


101 reasons to take a cruise.

1. Escape from reality. Be-bop with top jazz musicians.

64. Wander through ancient ruins.

62. It can be booked while looking through the time table of trains or my trips. Watch for a green flash.

46. Parasail high above the ocean.

9. Dance under the stars.

8. The Caribbean.

88. The South Pacific.

96. Consume Caspian Caviar.

32. Having a car and driver at disposal can offer you stress free transportation as well as make a lasting impression on co … 55. Meet your favorite sports stars.

53. Take a themed cruise: bingo, movies, sports, …

21. Be tempted by world-famous chefs.

69. Go to a fashion show.

27. “Disappear” during a magic act.

54. Paddle down river in a kayak or canoe.

66. Rent a moped at the dock.

65. Ride horseback through jungles.

63. Enjoy scrumptious food around the clock.

7. The United Kingdom.

101. The Panama Canal.

95. Picnic under a palm tree.

71. Turn your day from 9 to 5 to 9 to Ah-h-h!


Cu Lao Cau “” The Islandish Paradise Of Binh Thuan Province By: Quyen Nguyen | Jun 9th 2015 – Cu Lao Cau Island has been planned to be an eco tourist spot as well as a marine life preservation zone in Vietnam. See America – down its coastlines and up its rivers – or take in some of these:

79. Always Low Rates!To book Cruise vist

Do Everything Or Nothing At All

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Abolish Contingencies In Visa Application With Professional Consultations By: Dave Woods | Jun 9th 2015 – What they can make sure is that their applications are accepted in the first try- by seeking help with UK spouse visa.Implement The Best Practices In Visa Application By: Dave Woods | Jun 9th 2015 – One of the most dreaded aspects of moving abroad for work or pleasure is the aspect of obtaining a visa.A Happy Life Abroad Depends On Obtaining Visa Compliance By: Dave Woods | Jun 9th 2015 – While the respective country’s embassies can help the applicants with the visa processes, they can also take consultation from the professional visa consultants. Europe

89. Disco ’til dawn.

16. Capture dazzling sunsets on film.

41. Walk a mile on deck.

42. Eat gourmet food every night and never see a price.

51. Study at sea – genealogy, marine biology, …

30. Relax in a hot tub.

26. Shoot “hoops” surrounded by blue sky and sparkling water.

57. Golf – by computer or in person – on the world’s best courses.

60. Dine in a tuxedo or formal gown.

25. Shop onboard for French perfume and Swiss watches.

11. Call home from your cabin.

74. Explore a centuries-old castle.

67. Take a yoga class.

6. Each year, on the 22nd of May, the world celebrates an International Biodiversity Day. Spot an exotic bird or flower.

61. “Spike” with all your might in a volleyball tournament.

45. The Mediterranean.

93. Flex your pecs at the health club.

36. Meanwhile, today the city is one of the major cities in the state, and is also a popular tourist destination. Doze in the sun.

37. Treat yourself to a facial.

12. Visit the city to explore al … Scuba dive along a reef.

43. See whales, dolphins, and flying fish.

77. It is the gem of Binh Thuan Province that wins the interest of all tourists worldwide. Browse through a well-stocked library.

59. Hold a business conference (maybe tax deductible) onboard a ship.

24. Alaska.

83. Charter a sailboat.

76. Meditate at sunrise.

52. You don’t need a designated driver.

29. Take your sweetie on a second honeymoon.

73. Visit five ports, but unpack just once.

4. Ride a helicopter over a waterfall.

3. Request a song at the piano bar.

48. Take your toddler to day-camp at sea.

17. Then try around the world !

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Thomas DeSimone

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Search for it!

. Indulge in a massage.

49. Canada.

87. Go to a wine tasting.

19. Far East / Orient.

90. Laugh ’til it hurts at a comedy show.

23. Baltics.

85. Play a fast game of racquetball.

47. Shoot craps.

40. Renew your wedding vows.

22. The Greek Islands.

80. Enjoy the best of Broadway.

34. Bermuda.

86. Mingle with celebrities.

68. Try your hand at electronic blackjack.

38. Seychelles.

98. Learn Italian, French, or Spanish.

75. Play bridge or backgammon.

56. Be a star on Talent Night.

28. The Bahamas.

84. Jet ski across turquoise waters.

70. Polish your golf swing with the pros.

39. In general in the UK marriage visa rules are on the stringent side.Finding The Best Of Orlando Group Travel By: smartweb | Jun 9th 2015 – Are you coming to the City Beautiful of Orlando for your next vacation? If yes, then its time for you to get ready for a time unlike any other- for this city, located right in the heart of Florida, is not just another popular tourist destination- as the.

Sustainable Tourism- Seychelles Style By: Seychelles | Jun 9th 2015 – Seychelles is a member of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Africa.

82. South America.

99. Get a full house under a full moon.

44. Cool off with a frozen margarita.

5. Visit Cu Lao Cau Island to value your holiday time! Stylish In Seattle With A Seattle Town Car Service By: sinuse | Jun 9th 2015 – If its business you are on in Seattle, visiting or simply looking for a stylish way to get around, a Town Car Service In Seattle is the solution. Get married in your favorite port.

14. Sip a mint julep while listening to ragtime.

58. Water ski in clear blue water.

78. Mexico.

94. 18. Sleep ’til noon. This years theme was Biodiversity and Sustainable Development. Tahiti.

100. India.

91. Be waited on hand and foot.

2. Take sailboarding lessons.

72. Jump into a pool.

10. Snorkel in crystal clear, coral-filled waters.

33. Make new friends, reminisce with old friends.

20. It is a port city that was major site of colonization for the Portuguese in the medieval era

Tokyo Racecourse – Boston Asia Travel

JRA’s “Turvey Gift shop” carries a lovely selection of merchandise of horse racing items including: plushies, stationary, mugs, tote bags, cell phone charms, key chains, books, and calendars.

Overall, the racecourse grounds are a good place to come and escape urban Tokyo. Guides about betting are available in English at the information desk.. Tokyo racecourse has the capacity to hold 223,000 cheering fans.

How to Get To Tokyo Racecourse

Tokyo race track is easily accessible from the Keiba Seimon Mae Station. The dirt track is the middle course and you can see the races as long as you get a spot near the rail. The entrance fee on racing days is ? 200. If you are to go to the racecourse for the first time on one of these race days be prepared for a large crowd!

Betting points are located on the grounds where you can place bets and receive winnings using automatic machines. From this station you can access the special overpass which will lead you to the main gate of Tokyo racecourse. The jump course used for steeplechase racing is the hardest to see, but the excitement can be viewed on the large screens. For fans who want to see the winners up close you might want to try and get a spot by the winner’s circle. The riding center is a good spot for families to go and visit horses and for children to have a pony ride. On non-racing days there is no entrance fee.


Races Held at Tokyo Racecourse

Upon entering the main complex of Tokyo racecourse you feel as if you are in a shopping mall. However, before placing your bet, you may want to view the horses at the paddock.

For more information on horse racing in Japan please visit

Tokyo racecourse is located in Fuchu, Tokyo and is operated by the Japanese Racing Association (JRA). You can change to this station by transferring from the Keio line at Higashi-Fuchu to the Keio Line Fuchu Keiba. This is an excellent place to visit for those interested in the culture of horse racing. There is park next to the riding center with a horse-themed pirate ship where parents can watch their children play.

Tokyo racecourse holds grass and dirt turf racing including G1 and G2 races. Some of the most famous races include the Tokyo Yushun, the autumn Tenno Sho, and the Japan Cup. The racecourse can also be accessed from the JR Musashino Line / Nambu Line Fuchu-Honmachi Station to the West Gate using the special overpass. Throughout the building you will see paintings and displays of horse related items. The grounds are open on non-racing days and can be enjoyed year round.

The racecourse has three courses including the grass, dirt and steeplechase course. With grassy spots to have a picnic and watch the races, it is a good time to relax and spend time with friends. Racing held on the grass course gives viewers the closest sight of the horses. The grounds were built in 1933 and went through a seven-year renovation from 2000-2007. The renovations included adding the largest viewing screen in the world and upgrading the grandstand. There are many food shops and restaurants where you can get a meal or a beer to drink. The winner’s circle is located to the left of the finish line and is the perfect spot to take photos of winning Thoroughbreds.


The JRA racing museum located by the east gate is a nice place to visit to see the paintings and statues of many famous Thoroughbreds from Japan’s racing history. Horses for the next upcoming race are walked around the paddock and fans can see which horses look ready to run

Despite cancelled Asia trip, Obama must pay attention to China’s game of chicken

was “rebalancing” its efforts in Asia, the president has implicitly drawn a “red line” of sorts for our friends and allies in the region. is preoccupied with the Middle East, China’s leaders are pursuing an agenda directly at odds with the advance of democracy and stability — America’s chief objectives in the region.

China’s behavior at home poses another challenge to U.S.  

Among the first victims of this new crackdown was a Chinese teen from northwest China who was detained for posting questions online about the suspicious death of man who fell from the upper floor a karaoke club.  

[pullquote]. And the Japanese air force has had to scramble its fighter jets scores of times to head off Chinese military aircraft as they head toward Japanese air space.

Xi and his fellow Communist leaders are worried, first and foremost, about keeping control.  

Gary Schmitt co-directs the Marilyn War Center for Security Studies at the American Enterprise Institute.  

Moreover, with repeated assurances from both the president and members of his national security team that the U.S. The United States has to be able to carry out effective policies in two vital regions of the world at the same time — if it doesn’t want to face even more difficult problems in the days ahead.

That is also how the Party views the freedom of speech movement advanced by the Internet and social media. 

While the U.S. The risk of miscalculation and conflict is real.

The past year has seen increasingly aggressive behavior on the part of the Chinese navy and coast guard over the Senkaku island chain in the East China Sea. 

Being a global leader, with global interests, requires more than handling today’s front-page news. And there is an ongoing crackdown on popular bloggers. 

Ellen Bork is director of Democracy and Human Rights at the Foreign Policy Initiative.

A failure to fulfill the pledge of meeting the Chinese challenge either by inaction, inattention or by simply canceling trips will be just as serious when it comes to American credibility as failing to respond effectively to Syria’s use of chemical weapons.  Indeed, no sooner did President Obama announce a desire to “pivot” America’s strategic focus from the Middle East to East Asia than turmoil in Egypt and Syria, and the continuing threat from Iran, showed that the United States cannot opt out of one of the world’s most vital regions. But, at the same time, he is using corruption prosecutions as a way to eliminate rivals and shore up his own power and the Party’s control.

None of this is meant to suggest that the administration should once again try and turn its back on the Middle East. As Manila notes, China is once more engaging in a “creeping invasion” of its country.

According to a decision from China’s politically supervised Supreme Court, a message that is reposted more than 500 times or viewed more than 50,000 times could be considered illegal.  If anything, the challenge posed by Beijing is growing.

With the president’s decision to cancel this weekend’s trip to Asia and miss both the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit and the East Asia Summit, it’s useful to remind ourselves that the key reason for that trip was to reinvigorate the administration’s planned “pivot” to Asia.

Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping, whom many hoped would be a reformer, has instead pursued a classic communist agenda.

This tactic is not new. Since Xi consolidated his power in March by becoming China’s president, dozens of activists have been arrested, including anti-corruption activists associated with the New Citizens’ Movement whose “crime” has been to seek disclosure of officials’ wealth. Local security officials claimed the teen’s post were “seriously disruptive of social order.”

China is playing a game of great-power “chicken”– except it’s no game. In April, a memo from the Communist Party’s Central Committee to its cadres warned of the perils of “Western constitutional democracy,” “universal” human rights, media independence, and “nihilist” criticisms of the Party’s past rule.

Over the past year, China has used armed vessels to keep Philippine fishermen from entering the Shoal’s waters and, now, according to the Philippine government, is beginning to build a Chinese structure there.

During interrogation by police, one of the leaders of the movement, Xu Zhiyong, was told that the authorities feared their efforts to achieve the rule of law and transparency would lead to “chaos and instability.”

Xi’s cosmetic anti-corruption campaign is another sign of the direction of Chinese governance. In the mid-90s, China claimed Mischief Reef — another area well within the Philippines EEZ — and built a structure supposedly for fishermen seeking protection from storms, which ultimately morphed into a quasi-military installation. But President Obama has laid out an agenda for Asia that risks being undermined by China’s recent behavior both at home and abroad.

Chinese vessels have made incursions into Japanese-controlled waters both with greater frequency and for longer periods of time. Xi has told senior cadres to tone down visible excesses, such as ostentatious 10-course banquets. strategy for the region and President Obama’s call, in a 2011 much-noted speech to Australia’s parliament, for “free societies, free governments, free economies, [and] free people.”

Meanwhile, in the South China Sea — over much of which Beijing has laid claim with only the slightest pretense of justification — Beijing is moving to assert control over the Scarborough Shoal, an area just 124 nautical miles off the shores of the Philippines and clearly within that country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). 

But if problems at home and the Middle East are preoccupying the president, the reason for the pivot — the rise of a problematic China — has not gone away. For more, visit

Those plans had lost crucial momentum because of the ongoing problems in the Middle East